SRM Bituminous Cold Joint Sealer is a proprietary bitumen based cold joint sealer and tack coat that is applied to vertical edges and surface bases before the application of asphalt. The product will in increase the bond of the material to the substrate and waterproof the area. This will greatly enhance the repair/re-instatement`s performance by preventing the ingress of water.

The product is supplied in 500ml spray cans. The area must be clean and free of loose material. The product can be applied to dry or damp areas. For application, firstly shake the can and hold the can approx. 100mm from the repair area, depress the spray button and ensure the entire area is covered.

Once the repair has been completed, invert the can and spray excess material. Failure to do this could result in the aerosol can being blocked, rendering the product unusable.

The cans must be stored in a cool dry area, away from direct sunlight or temperatures above 50ºc.

Please ensure that the correct PPE is used when applying the product. A full material datasheet is available on request from: