CMA is a stock-able premium quality road maintenance product for permanent repairs to potholes, trench re-instatements and edge breaks.  The cold asphalt can be stored in bulk and has a minimum TWO year shelf life, whilst remaining workable even in cold weather conditions.

The material is supplied in a 6.7mm wearing course.


  • Stock-able in bulk.
  • Long shelf life without affecting workability.
  • Available in bulk loads or 25kg bags.
  • Workable at low temperatures down to -10°C
  • Permanent repairs, no re-visits.
  • Flexible, can be used in asphalt or concrete surfaces.
  • Equipment and labour savings through ease of application.
  • Can be applied in wet conditions.


  • Productivity is increasecd, no long queues at HMA plant
  • No wastage, it is easy to store the left over product.
  • Can be used during inclement weather
  • No cutting or squaring off for emergency repairs (good repairs are always neatly trimmed or squared off however!).
  • No disposal of cuttings, other than loose material cleaned out.
  • Product is self priming.
  • No sealing of joints is required.
  • No heavy compaction equipment necessary. Can be tamped by hand.
  • Solvent free. Non hazardous and environmentally friendly product.
  • Low production temperature for environmental benefit with a much reduced carbon footprint per ton, compared to hot asphalt.
  • High flash ignition point for safety.


Typical Hot Mix Plant used to manufacture CMA cold mix asphalt